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Chemistry software
Chemistry WIKI
Pharma industry busines
The Alchemist pick


No-Fee Symyx JDraw Applet
Symyx releases No-Fee Symyx JDraw applet for academic and non-commercial use. The Symyx JDraw Applet gives application developers a lightweight, no-fee structure editor for the development of custom web and rich client applications that require chemical structure queries and/or chemical structure rendering functionality.

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Chempedia Lab
Chempedia Lab is a question and answer site run by experimental chemists, for experimental chemists.

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Chemistry & Biochemistry schools
A Web project of the librarian Chuck Huber of the Univ. of California, Santa Barbara. Links to websites of chemistry and biochemistry departments offering Bachelor's degrees (or equivalent) or higher in and outside the United States:

Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments in the United States:
Chemistry and Biochemistry Departments Worldwide:

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Chemistry employment outlook
"Chemistry jobs took a beating this year, prompting out-of-work chemists to reinvent themselves. Scanning the job loss numbers in the past 12 months from the Department of Labor is like reading casualty statistics of Civil War battles. In September, 263,000 more people lost their livelihoods. And that was a good month. Earlier in the year, more than a half-million people were losing their jobs each month." Read the full story in the C&En Nov. 2nd issue.

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Top 50 Pharma & BioPharma companies
2009 Top 20 Pharmaceutical companies and Biopharmaceutical reports, as published on the “Contract Pharma” magazine.
2009 Top 20 Pharmaceutical companies:
2009 Top 10 Biopharmaceutical companies:

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Hydrogen's noble heavyweight collaboration
A new approach to storing large volumes of hydrogen gas has been discovered, which might take us one step closer to a so-called hydrogen economy. When compressed at high pressure with the relatively unreactive noble gas xenon, molecular hydrogen forms a previously unknown solid, according to Maddury Somayazulu of the Carnegie Institution's Geophysical Laboratory. The novel material forms at 41000 atmospheres in a diamond anvil device and is stable with xenon pair distances close to those seen in dense metallic xenon. Xenon is actually too heavy and expensive for practical applications, but the insights the team is gaining into the behaviour of hydrogen under such conditions may lead them to a less dense and cheaper alternative.
New hydrogen-storage method discovered

Read more hot chemistry news from's newsletter: The Alchemist.

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Informex 2010
Informex brings together serious buyers and sellers of chemicals, biologics, chemical technologies and related services. It is the global meeting place to efficiently showcase as well as learn about the capabilities of high-value, high-quality, specialty and custom chemical manufacturers, from pilot to commercial scale.
Register Today!

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11th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition
After many years of effort, CAC Exhibition received a successful congratulation. Many more exhibitors participated visited CAC 2009 in Shanghai than the previous year because Shanghai is very vivid in the matter of commerce. According to official statistics, the number of visitors reached 13,697, along with 651 exhibitors with 956 booths. CAC has been a large professional exhibition and has a great influence in the related industries.

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2010 International Exhibition on Surfactants & Detergents
The International Exhibition on Surfactant & Detergent 2010 is one of the most noteworthy exhibitions in the field of surfactants and detergents, which plays a significant role in promoting the development of China's industry of surfactants and detergents. Since the initial launch of the conference and exhibition in 1990, it has been held successfully ten times. Apr. 13-15, 2010 Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center, China

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The 8th China International Dye Industry, Pigments and Textile Chemicals Exhibition
The expo will be held from April 15th-17h, 2010 in INTEX Shanghai and shanghaimart.includ Different kinds of dyestuff,Intermediate,Textile ChemicalsDifferent kinds of pigments and related produces etc.

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ICIF China 2010, 10th China International Chemical Industry Fair
Date:September 15-17, 2010 A 16 year history makes ICIF China the most influential and well-known exhibition with a good reputation and high quality in the chemical industry of China. ICIF China is the best opportunity for your company to enter this Market.

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ICIS Pricing

ICIS pricing provides unbiased and independent chemical and oil price reporting for all the major chemicals markets, including olefins, aromatics, plastics, solvents, intermediates, biofuels and fertilizers. The reports deliver the latest spot and contract price assessments, market commentary on trends and developments, reported and confirmed transactions, and plant and production news. Request a free sample report here.

Malvern Instruments Ltd.
Malvern is a leading supplier of analytical solutions for particle characterization (size, shape, zeta potential, molecular weight) and rheological applications. Advanced technologies are combined with robust mechanical designs and comprehensive software to provide on-line, at-line and off-line solutions for QA/QC, control and development applications. An extensive support service facilitates the exploitation of any given system.

Perry Videx
Quality used chemical, plastics, & paper process equipment. 25,000 items priced right for immediate worldwide delivery -

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