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DrumQuik PRO
A Safer Way to Dispense Chemicals
Ensuring the safety of operators, the environment and integrity of container contents is critical for companies handling hazardous or food-grade liquid chemicals. DrumQuik® PRO closed dispensing system from Colder Products Company allows safe, easy and economical extraction from drums, jerry cans and IBC totes while reducing costly spills, containing hazardous fumes, and enhancing workplace safety.


Physical Properties Sources Index (PPSI)
The physical properties source index lists recommended databases, handbooks, and websites (data, definition, measurement) for physico-chemical and other material properties.

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SciVee is a social site enables scientists to share their research with combined video, documentation, and data in a rich-media format.

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CEFIC Chemicals Trends Report
EU chemicals sector posts full-year 1.1 per cent growth in 2011. December monthly production data show fourth monthly decline last year. See the February 2012 release of the Chemicals Trends Report here:

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A Leap Forward for Plastic Solar Cells
An inexpensive, polymer-based device breaks a record, reaching 10.6 percent efficiency. Polymer solar cells are flexible, lightweight, and potentially inexpensive, but their performance lags behind that of conventional cells made from inorganic materials such as silicon. The goal of the researchers, led by Yang Yang, professor of materials science and engineering at UCLA, is to make a polymer solar cell that can compete with thin-film silicon cells.

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School locator
College Rankings & Lists - Get exclusive rankings of 1,600 schools. Use our tools to search for your perfect fit. And find details on scholarships, loans, and grants.

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Beaujolais is best, boys (and girls)
Chemists all know that physicists will use any excuse. A year after first demonstrating that red wine is a useful reagent for preparing superconducting materials, Now, Keita Deguchi at the National Institute for Materials Science in Tsukuba, Japan, and colleagues have demonstrated that of Merlot, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Beaujolais, the latter works best and it is due to the tartaric acid. In 2001, researchers showed that soaking iron telluride in red wine was an effective way to convert the material into a superconductor. It grabbed headlines but the scientists could not explain the mechanism. Now, Deguchi's team have shown that tartaric acid plays an important role in the process; the compound has the highest concentration in Beaujolais.
Red Wine, Tartaric Acid, and the Secret of Superconductivity

Read more hot chemistry news from's newsletter: The Alchemist.

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The 68th API China 25-27 April 2012 Hefei
API China is China's leading exhibition for the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, covering the complete spectrum of products from raw materials, fine chemicals, intermediates, ingredients, and processing/packaging machinery. It is an event for international buyers to meet Asian sellers, especially Chinese ingredients manufacturers.
Place: Binhu International Exhibition Center, Hefei, Anhui Province,China

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China's Primary Destination for Ingredients and Nutraceuticals
In 2012, Fi Asia-China, Hi Ni China, NPC returns to Shanghai in conjunction with CPhI China for the biggest exhibition in the country dedicate to the food, nutraceuticals and the pharmaceutical industries. The show brings more than 2,500exhibitors and 46,000 attendees

Place: Binhu International Exhibition Center, Hefei, Anhui Province,China
Date: 26-28 June 2012 Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai

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Particle characterization
Micromeritics is a leading supplier of particle characterization analytical laboratory instruments for R&D, QA/QC, production, and process control applications. Characteristics determined include: particle size, surface area, pore volume, pore size, material density, catalytic activity, and active surface area. A Materials Analysis Laboratory provides sample analyses on a contract basis.

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