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Targeted emails75,000 Global Address File

US/Canada -- 18%
UK/EU -- 30%
Asia/China -- 26%
Latin America -- 8%
Middle East and ROW -- 18%

Target ChemIndustry/ChemWeb's 75,000-member opt-in subscribers -- A powerful and highly-efficient means to promote your products and services to a very interested, qualified and motivated audience.

• Generate interest and sales leads for your products and services
• Generate attendence and excitement for your conferences
• Jump start your newsletter/journal subscription base
• Results you can measure - click-through statistics are provided for all links one week after release

Our comprehensive database consists of a wide variety of job functions within chemistry/chemical and chemical-related industries, including chemists, chemical engineers, production managers, purchasing managers, corporate executives, QC specialists, R&D directors, scientists and lab personnel, academia, and other talented professionals.

They have opted-in for relevant e-mails to stay abreast of the latest breaking news, products, publications, pricing and business trends. Members purchase chemicals, equipment, books, magazines, journals, reports, software, attend conferences, search jobs and participate in other programs and services.



Costs & Details
$350 Per 1,000 Successful Sends - $1,000 minimum
Price not affected by multiple sorts, # tests, or # links (within reason)

Customer provides HTML piece

Statistics compiled and distributed one week after release

For more information on Targeted E-Mails, please contact us here or call Rick Whiteman at 401-437-3399.

For the most successful mailing, we recommend:
A strong call to action - such as early bird ticket discounts for conferences, limited time offers, initial complimentary subscriptions and trial offers
A single page message - a clear concise message that requires litlle or no scrolling
Graphics in HTML format - studies show graphics improve response rates 3X
Embedded links - for potential customer to easily click through to your product/service information or site.

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