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Blended Waxes Inc.
Blended Waxes Inc.
Blended Waxes Inc.
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  • Country:  USA
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    About Us
           We have the resources and equipment available to produce your product in the most efficient manner. Our team does whatever it takes to give you a custom solution for your unique application. We ensure your wax blend is created at the highest quality, on time and within budget. ...

    Candle Wax

    Item:1      CAS:      Formula:

    Cheese Wax

    Item:2      CAS:      Formula:

    Duck Wax

    Item:3      CAS:      Formula:

    Microcrystalline Wax

    Item:4      CAS:      Formula:

    synthetic wax

    Item:5      CAS:      Formula:

    Natural Wax

    Item:6      CAS:      Formula:

    Paper, Packaging & Corrugated Wax

    Item:7      CAS:      Formula:

    Paraffin Wax

    Item:8      CAS:      Formula:

    Sealing Wax

    Item:9      CAS:      Formula: