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Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Limited
Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Limited
Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Limited
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  • Company Type:  MPR
  • Country:  UK
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  • Mobile:  +44 (0)1327 310079
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    About Us
           Endeavour Speciality Chemicals manufactures a portfolio of organic chemical intermediates and high impact aroma chemicals. Based in Northamptonshire, UK, we have an enviable reputation for the technical expertise offered by our Chemists, the reliability of our lead-times and not ...


    Item:1      CAS:77152-97-7      Formula: C8 H16 N2 O2 S


    Item:2      CAS:31545-35-4      Formula: C6 H5 Br2 N3 S


    Item:3      CAS:866620-45-3      Formula: C7 H8 Br N3 S


    Item:4      CAS:49600-35-3      Formula: C8 H11 N3 S


    Item:5      CAS:93744-72-0      Formula: C7 H10 N4 O S


    Item:6      CAS:21242-21-7      Formula: C7 H9 N3 S


    Item:7      CAS:6304-16-1      Formula: C8 H9 N O


    Item:8      CAS:28098-67-1      Formula: C10 H16 O


    Item:9      CAS:1823232-26-3      Formula: C7 H8 Br N3 S