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Archimica Inc.
Archimica Inc.
Archimica Inc.
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  • Country:  USA
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           We provide quality products and services, consistently, reliably responsibly and continuously applying some of the world’s most difficult to handle chemical technologies. Discover our last Company Profile.

    1-Phenylvinylboronic acid

    Item:1      CAS:14900-39-1      Formula:

    4-Methoxybenzeneboronic acid

    Item:2      CAS:45713-46-0      Formula:

    4-Amino-3-nitrophenylboronic acid

    Item:3      CAS:89466-07-9      Formula:

    Benzothiophene-3-boronic acid

    Item:4      CAS:113893-08-6      Formula:

    3,5-Dibromophenylboronic acid

    Item:5      CAS:117695-55-3      Formula:

    2,3,4-Trimethoxyphenylboronic acid

    Item:6      CAS:118062-05-8      Formula:

    2-Chloroquinoline-3-boronic acid

    Item:7      CAS:128676-84-6      Formula:

    2,3,4,5-Tetrafluorophenylboronic acid

    Item:8      CAS:179923-32-1      Formula:

    4-Ethoxybiphenyl-4'-boronic acid

    Item:9      CAS:182344-29-2      Formula: