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Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co., Ltd.
Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co., Ltd.
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  • Country:  China
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           Nanyang Weiter Chemical Co., Ltd.was established in 1997. Located in the wangcun industry zone, Nanyang, Henan province, it is a large professional company with a business scope covering scientific research, production and trade. Through years of hard work of all staffs and emplo


    Item:1      CAS:459-57-4      Formula:


    Item:2      CAS:446-52-6      Formula:


    Item:3      CAS:456-48-4      Formula:

    4-Fluorobenzoic acid

    Item:4      CAS:456-22-4      Formula:

    2-Fluorobenzoic acid

    Item:5      CAS:445-29-4      Formula:

    3-Fluorobenzoic acid

    Item:6      CAS:455-38-9      Formula:

    Methyl 4-Fluorobenzoate

    Item:7      CAS:403-33-8      Formula:

    Ethyl 4-Fluorobenzoate

    Item:8      CAS:451-46-7      Formula:

    4-Fluorobenzyl chloride

    Item:9      CAS:352-11-4      Formula: