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Shanghai Tengmin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tengmin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Tengmin Industrial Co., Ltd.
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  • Country:  China
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    About Us
           Shanghai Tengmin Industrial Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of chemical products. The company has large mines, which can guarantee the continuous supply of products. Now we have introduced advanced production technology and equipment, which ...

    Superfine white carbon black SP-106 (for cosmetics)

    Item:81      CAS:7631-86-9      Formula:

    Superfine white carbon black XG-107 (for matting powder)

    Item:82      CAS:7631-86-9      Formula:

    Fumed white carbon black 200

    Item:85      CAS:7631-86-9      Formula:

    Titanium Dioxide R695 (Plastic Masterbatch)

    Item:101      CAS:13463-67-7      Formula:

    Titanium dioxide R698 (for coatings)

    Item:102      CAS:13463-67-7      Formula:

    Titanium dioxide A100 (universal type)

    Item:103      CAS:13463-67-7      Formula:

    Titanium Dioxide A101 (for coatings)

    Item:104      CAS:13463-67-7      Formula:

    Titanium dioxide A120 (for plastics)

    Item:105      CAS:13463-67-7      Formula: