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Yunnan Aier Biotech Co., Ltd.
Yunnan Aier Biotech Co., Ltd.
Yunnan Aier Biotech Co., Ltd.
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    About Us
           Yunnan Alphy Biotech Co., Ltd. (Yunnan Alphy Biotech Co., Ltd.) is the governing unit of the International Algae Natural Astaxanthin Association and a global supplier of high-quality Haematococcus pluvialis natural astaxanthin. Founded in 2007, 2013 Established a wholly-owned sub

    Algae vitality astaxanthin solid beverage

    Item:1      CAS:      Formula:

    Chuza Astaxanthin Rejuvenating Skin Essence

    Item:2      CAS:      Formula:

    Astaxanthin oil

    Item:3      CAS:      Formula:

    Astaxanthin Microcapsule Powder

    Item:4      CAS:      Formula:

    Chu Algae Astaxanthin Renewing and Revitalizing Gel

    Item:5      CAS:      Formula:

    Chuzao Astaxanthin Premium Mask

    Item:6      CAS:      Formula:

    Astaxanthin Clear Fruit

    Item:7      CAS:      Formula:

    Weibi Kang Haematococcus pluvialis Extract Tablets

    Item:8      CAS:      Formula:

    Haematococcus pluvialis powder

    Item:9      CAS:      Formula: