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Hebei Shuangjia Pump Co., Ltd.
Hebei Shuangjia Pump Co., Ltd.
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    SJ direct-coupled single progressing cavity pump


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    The SJ direct-coupled single progressing cavity pump, equipped with a flange-coupled gear motor, is of the direct-coupled compact structure, with reasonable price. The product can be used in various industries to convey various media or for high-precision metering, covering the low-viscosity medium, non-current medium, those containing or not containing solid materials, medium with shear sensitivity, viscosity or abrasion, thus achieving smooth and low-pulsation medium delivery.


    1. Enable continuous low-pulsation conveying, and free from not pressure and viscosity fluctuations;

    2. The conveying capacity is proportional to the rotating speed, enabling the high-precision metering within the whole speed range;

    3. Enable high-pressure valveless delivery;

    4. The mechanical seal is directly installed under the inlet of the pump cavity, requiring no external flushing in various applications;

    5. The short transmission shaft and the direct-coupled rack are used, making the installation stability of the mechanical seal high;

    6. With the separation structure of flange bearing and pump base, the stator replacement is convenient.

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