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Hebei Shuangjia Pump Co., Ltd.
Hebei Shuangjia Pump Co., Ltd.
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    SJ iso-wall thickness stator


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    Detailed Description

    The iso-wall thickness stator for progressing cavity pump, a high-quality accessory produced by our company, has the following advantages compared with conventional stator:

    1. The thickness of the stator rubber is the same, ensuring the uniform and consistent adaptability between the stator and the rotor under the conditions of both high temperature and low temperature, thus achieving stable delivery of the medium;

    2. The heat production is reduced, with better cooling effect and no heat accumulation;

    3. The pump can be designed shorter (more compact, lighter and lower driving torque);

    4. At the same delivery rate and lift, the required driving power is smaller.

    5. Difficult-to-process and expensive rubbers, such as fluororubber and silica gel, can be used for manufacturing stator in a rather economical and simple manner.

    6. Its applicable medium temperature range is large, enabling smooth delivery of 0-150°C medium.

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