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Charkit Chemical Company
Charkit Chemical Company, "The Sourcing Specialist" is a unique distributor offering rare and specialty chemicals. Charkit provides products and custom manufacturing for several industries; photographic (chemical specialties including dyes, developing agents and other light sensitive chemicals, bromides, sulfites); water & metal treatment (hydrazine and its derivatives, Carbohydrazide, and benzyl chloride); electronic, pharmaceutical, personal care, food, flavor and fragrance (benzyl alcohol, lanolin USP/ reagent chemicals, iodine derivatives, lanolin, vegetable oils) Nowhere is Charkit's commitment to meeting customer needs more evident than in our sales group. Sales Representatives are industry experts in the markets we serve. Our expertise includes knowledge of safety and regulatory matters, so that customer questions and concerns can be satisfactorily addressed. A stocking distributor, Charkit maintains thirteen warehouses across the continental U.S. to provide just-in-time service to our customers. Representing over twenty-five manufacturers under exclusive agency and distributor relationships, Charkit can source even the rarest of specialty chemicals. If we are unable to find the necessary product at the right price, we have custom manufacturing capabilities to produce it or provide it in the form needed. Even in the case of commodity products, Charkit provides value-added benefits by offering special grades or customizing supply. With our many supplier relationships and contacts, both domestic and worldwide, Charkit bridges the gap between customer need and reliable supply with unparalleled service and the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective sourcing. That's how we earned our reputation in the industries we serve as the "Specialty Chemical Specialist".

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