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Tosoh Corporation
       Company Profile Tosoh Corporation is a leading international producer of basic building block chemicals, and advanced chemical intermediates for the pharmaceutical, electronic and specialty chemical market place. A commitment to focused research keeps Tosoh in the development forefront with the continued introduction of new cutting edge chemical products and processes. With over 130 affiliated companies in 18 countries and worldwide marketing and warehousing capabilities Tosoh, through its specialty group, offers a wide variety of organic compounds to meet your most stringent requirement. Brominated compounds: Tosoh offers a wide variety of halogenated compounds. As Japan’s largest bromine manufacturer, the company offers a large number of brominated compounds including Brominated Alkanes and hydrobromic acid. Fluorinated compounds: As the world’s largest producer of 2,2,2 Trifluoroethanol, Tosoh is a recognized expert in fluorochemicals. Other products include fluorinated alcohol, fluoro monomers, and a variety of fluorinated agents for the pharmaceutical, coating and agrochemical industries. Recent work has focused on the development of halon replacements including CF3I. Monomers: A leading producer of monomer materials for photoresist, coatings and optics applications, Tosoh offers a full line of styrene and styrene sulfonate derivatives, Fluoro acrylates, methacrylates and adamantyl products. Chiral Compounds and Custom Services: Leveraging its expertise in organometallic chemistry coupled with extensive cryogenic reaction capacity Tosoh is able to offer a variety of chiral compounds, and other specialized compounds as well as custom manufacturing services to our clients.

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Company Address Organic Chemicals Division Shiba-koen First Bldg. 3-8-2, Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8623, Japan Company Phone 81-3-5427-5165 (Japan) Company Website
E-mail INFO@TOSOH.COM Company Fax 81-3-5427-5216 Contact
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