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chemPUR Feinchemikalien und Forschungsbedarf GmbH
In 1988, ChemPur Feinchemikalien und Forschungsbedarf GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of W.C. Heraeus GmbH Hanau, and since 1996 ChemPur has existed as an independent GmbH (German limited company). Today, we are among the most renowned providers of fine chemicals for research and development. Our worldwide network of agents allows us to supply almost all materials. Our delivery programme includes pure and high-purity metals in all available forms (e.g. powders, granules, shot, pieces, foils, gauzes, wires), evaporation materials, sputtering targets from metallic and non-metallic materials, inorganic speciality chemicals up to the highest level of purity, precious-metal compounds, catalysts, rare earth compounds and nanopowders as well as laboratory equipment and semi-finished products made from platinum and platinum alloys. In close collaboration with selected manufacturers such as BLDPharm, Fluorochem Ltd, Glentham Life Sciences, J&W PharmLab, Key Organics and Menai Organics, ChemPur provides a wide-ranging spectrum of high-quality intermediate products (e.g. fluorochemicals, biochemicals, heterocyclics, organics, boronic acids, silanes and siloxanes) that are specially tailored to the requirements of pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnical research.

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Company Name chemPUR Feinchemikalien und Forschungsbedarf GmbH Country Germany Employees Number
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Company Address Rueppurrer Str. 92 D-76137 Karlsruhe Germany Company Phone +49 (0)721 933 81 40 Company Website
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