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Connect Chemicals GmbH
       Production, Outsourcing, Toll-Manufacturing and Distribution of Speciality Chemicals Our distribution, production and outsourcing activities concentrate on those speciality chemicals which: have only a limited number of sources require a specific knowledge of production, handling and logistics require strategic geographic location require security of key raw materials have a specific strategic meaning to our/your clients and partners By doing so, we ensure our clients and partners the security of supply and competitiveness. We have a global operation, which contributes to the international operations of our clients and partners. Our local office connects your business to our international network. Dealing with your local Connect office, takes the risk out of international trading, providing you with the following additional benefits: sales and purchase is based on your local regulations communication with people who are close to you local support of our Connect office local payment terms short delivery terms out of our warehouses

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Company Name Connect Chemicals GmbH Country Germany Employees Number
Registered Capital Annual Turnover Ability of foreign trade Yes
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Main Market worldwide
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Company Address Kokkolastrasse 2 40882 Ratingen Germany Company Phone +49 2102 2077 0 Company Website
E-mail Company Fax +49 2102 2077 40 Contact
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