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Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd
Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, purification, processing and sales of effective monomers and components of natural plants. Our company located in Ji'an National Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Zone where is at the foot of Jinggangshan Mountain, a red base area. Our company covers an area of 1.472 hectares. The total investment of 40,000 square meters amounts to more than 260 million yuan. Our company's existing testing equipment and high performance liquid chromatography as well as various experimental facilities, new supercritical CO2 extraction and advanced computer programmed flowing water plant oil extraction, daily feeding capacity up to 50 tons of modern automatic hot and cold pressing multi-functional extraction equipment; mixers and various crushers and other traditional Chinese medicine processing equipment. Annual production capacity can reach thousands of tons plant oils. Our company currently produces medicinal spice oil, volatile oil, natural plant oil and other basic oils; mainly used in medicine, health care products, cosmetics, daily necessities, animal husbandry and other fields. In the process of development, Hairui has been cooperating with many domestic scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning; R&D production capacity and extraction technology have been continuously improved, and the scale has been growing. Our company has been transformed from a trading company in the initial construction period to a comprehensive technology entity, under the jurisdiction of trade, R&D, production and processing, and integrated company of private brand marketing. Jiangxi Hairui upholds the value of "Team First, Customer Focus,Be Responsible and Grateful to Society". There are more than ten domestic and international sales teams. The product sales network covers China's mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as hundreds of countries and regions in North America, Europe,

Registered Capital:  1 Million

Registered Address:  No.267 JiaHua Avenue,Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone, Ji'an County,Ji'an City, Jiangxi 343100, P.R.C

Company Type:  Production

Business Scope:  Fragrance oil (non - edible), exorcism agent (does not contain dangerous chemicals) production, marketing. (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can only be carried out after approval by relevant departments)

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Basic Information
Company Name Jiangxi Hairui Natural Plant Co., Ltd Country China Employees Number
Registered Capital 1 Million Annual Turnover Ability of foreign trade Yes
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Company Address No.267 JiaHua Avenue,Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone, Ji'an County,Ji'an City, Jiangxi 343100, P.R.C Company Phone 0796-8107398 Company Website
E-mail Company Fax 0796-8108396 Contact -
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