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Haozhuo Pump (Hangzhou) Co., LTD
Hydroo is a company based in Barcelona, Spain, which develops, designs, manufactures and markets pumps. Hydroo has established a global sales and service network to provide professional and reliable products and services for all types of pump engineering and pump end users. Hydroo has a comprehensive product portfolio that provides customers with a wide range of high-end pump products and pump solutions in water supply, booster, fire protection, groundwater extraction, HVAC, sewage, sewage, municipal, irrigation, desalination and reverse osmosis, as well as other industrial applications such as OEM integration. Hydroo's products meet the different 50Hz/60Hz needs of the market and provide customized services for customers. Hydroo's production and r&d headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and operations in Hangzhou, China, provide reliable, professional and customized services for our customers. Thanks to our lean production process and professional and efficient operations team, Hydroo ensures product delivery to customers in the shortest possible time. In a public document with the participation of all employees, we set out our commitment to third party ethics and legislation, and have oversight committees in place to monitor and ensure compliance. Good management, good customer relationship, efficient and professional service team, create the maximum value for customers, while driving the rapid development of Hydroo in the global market. Hydroo's mission is to provide high-end pump products and pump solutions to our partners worldwide, creating the greatest value for our customers.

Registered Capital:  5.1 Million(USD)

Registered Address:  Building 2, 20 Hengyi Street, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

Company Type:  Production

Business Scope:  Pump, water supply equipment and its spare parts research and development, production, sales and import and export business. (Except those involving the implementation of special management measures for access stipulated by the state)

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Company Name Haozhuo Pump (Hangzhou) Co., LTD Country China Employees Number
Registered Capital 5.1 Million(USD) Annual Turnover Ability of foreign trade Yes
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Company Address 20 Hengyi Street, Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Company Phone 0571 86202026 Company Website
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