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Wengyuan Guangye Qingyi Food Technology Co., Ltd.
Wengyuan Guangye Qingyi Food Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and is a subsidiary of Guangdong Guangye Qingyi Food Technology Co., Ltd. It is located in Guangye Industrial Park, Wengyuan County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, with a total area of ​​200 acres. At present, the company's leading products are high-intensity sweetener-sucralose, food antioxidant-tert-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), functional food ingredients-oat beta glucan, resistant dextrin, phosphatidylserine. 500 tons of sucralose and 1,000 tons of TBHQ have been completed for the first phase of the project, and 2,000 tons of sucralose and 2,000 tons of TBHQ are under construction for the second phase. Qingyi Company is an environmentally friendly factory that adopts cleaner production. The first phase of the project is clean production. One is to adopt internationally advanced chemical pretreatment methods for production wastewater, which makes it possible to carry out high-efficiency biochemical treatment of chlorosucrose by-products; the other is to use domestic advanced high-efficiency extractive distillation technology to solve the problem of solvent recovery and reduce pollution sources. ; The third is to make full use of the circular economy, turn waste products into high-quality products, recycle the tail gas in the sucralose production process, and produce industrial hydrochloric acid, sodium sulfite and other products. Qingyi people use the domestic advanced technology, combined with the rich domestic industry experience in the production of sucralose that has been precipitated for more than 10 years; supplemented by the high-tech production base designed by the world's advanced industrial design and strict management and control procedures , Clean and efficient large-scale production, hire outsourcing international well-known companies to control pests and rodents. Qingyi Company will strive to become a provider of health, nutrition and food safety solutions in the future.

Registered Capital:  136million(yuan)

Registered Address:  Wengcheng Industrial Park, Wengcheng Town, Wengyuan County

Company Type:  Production

Business Scope:  Production and sales of food, food additives, feed additives, and disinfection products; technology development and research of food, food additives, and fine chemical products; consultation and transfer of food processing technology; domestic trade; import and export of goods and technologies.

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Company NameWengyuan Guangye Qingyi Food Technology Co., Ltd.CountryChinaEmployees Number
Registered Capital136million(yuan)Annual TurnoverAbility of foreign tradeYes
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Company AddressWengcheng Industrial Park, Wengcheng Town, Wengyuan CountyCompany Phone020-84216865 Company Company Fax020-84216865 Contact-
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