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Hebei Longke Water Treatment Co., Ltd.
Hebei Longke Water Treatment Co., Ltd. is located in Kuishan South Road, Longyao County, adjacent to Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and Beijing-Guangzhou Railway in the west, with convenient transportation and superior geographical location. It is a modern joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, production and service.The company has chemical analysis room and instrument room, which can provide routine water quality analysis, stable static screening of working circulating cooling water quality, dynamic simulation experiment and technical services. The products mainly include scale inhibitor dispersant, corrosion inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, detergent, flocculant and sewage treatment agent.The products sell well in 18 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China and are widely used in refining, chemical industry, electric power, chemical fertilizer, steel, sewage treatment, etc. Based on the good product quality, and has been consistently praised by customers.We follow the principle of "quality first", will provide our customers with good products and sincere services, do water treatment products quality suppliers.

Registered Capital:   2,000,0000

Registered Address:  工业循环冷却水处理、工业污水、城市生活污水处理;水处理剂(不含危险化学品)生产和销售;本企业相关的产品的出口业务(国家限定公司经营或出口的商品及技术除外)。(依法须经批准的项目,经相关部门批准后方可开展经营活动)

Company Type:  R&D

Business Scope:  Industrial circulating cooling water treatment, industrial sewage, and urban domestic sewage treatment; production and sales of water treatment agents (excluding hazardous chemicals); (Projects subject to approval according to law can only carry out business activities after being approved by relevant departments)

Detailed Information
Basic Information
Company Name Hebei Longke Water Treatment Co., Ltd. Country China Employees Number less than 50 people
Registered Capital 2,000,0000 Annual Turnover - Ability of foreign trade Yes
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Main Market -
Contact Information
Company Address Kuishan South Road, Longyao County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province Company Phone +86-319-6678516 Company Website
E-mail Company Fax +86-319-6678980 Contact
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