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SunSirs: the inventory pressure is too high, and the goods are mainly sold in the polyester yarn market


Price: according to the data of SunSirs, the average price of 32S polyester yarn in Shandong was 14425 RMB/ton on April 26.

  Market: polyester yarn price is stable and weak during May Day. Some yarn factories still sell goods on preferential promotion. During the period of 12400-12700, T32S, the mainstream transaction focus in Fujian, the start-up of downstream Quanzhou increased, the transaction of yarn mills improved, and most of the other regions were general; The quotation of vortex spinning polyester yarn increased by 100-200; The price of polyester yarn in Hebei market is maintained and the trading volume is light. During the festival, polyester yarn starts to decline by 5%, and the yarn factory has a holiday of 3-10 days.

  Raw materials: during the May Day holiday, the price of crude oil continued to rise, polyester staple fiber increased by 100 today, and the cost side support of polyester raw materials was strong. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic in Jiangyin area, one manufacturer stopped all production, while the other manufacturer was temporarily normal, but the transportation was limited, and it was possible to stop production in the later stage. Under the influence of cost and supply, the price of polyester staple fiber showed strong performance, but there was a holiday in the downstream weaving during the holiday, and attention was still paid to the downstream orders in the medium and long term.

  It is expected that the rise of raw materials can not boost the yarn, the weak demand is difficult to change, and the transaction situation can not be improved. In the near future, the polyester yarn market is dominated by taking goods to the warehouse.