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SunSirs: Terminal Demand Was General, Domestic DDGS Market Weakened


Price trend

  According to monitoring data from SunSirs, after May Day, the domestic DDGS market weakened and prices slightly decreased. On May 5th, the average market price of domestic DDGS was 2,770 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.36% compared to before the holiday.

  The terminal demand was average, and the domestic DDGS market was weak and declining

  Since May, the demand of terminal aquatic feed remained average, the market DDGS market remained sluggish, and prices slightly declined. The overall quotation of the alcohol factory slightly decreased, the mainstream quotation was mostly from the Northeast region, with an average market price of 2,600-2,700 RMB/ton, and the overall market situation was mainly declining.

  Market outlook

  Agricultural product analysts from SunSirs believe that the rigid demand of terminal aquatic feed was increasing, and domestic DDGS is expected to rise in the future.