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Henan Haohai Industry Co., Ltd.,
Henan Haohai Industry Co., Ltd.,
Henan Haohai Industry Co., Ltd.,
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    About Us
           Henan Haohai Industry Co., Ltd., located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan province in the Mid-West of China, is a science, industry and trade integrated professional company, specializing in manufacturing and trading of fluoride, chloride, bromide and acylation of aromatic hydr


    Item:76      CAS:459-57-4      Formula:

    m chlorobenzaldehyde

    Item:77      CAS:587-04-2      Formula:

    Benzoyl chloride

    Item:78      CAS:98-88-4      Formula:

    P-fluorobenzoyl chloride

    Item:79      CAS:403-43-0      Formula:

    M-chlorobenzoyl chloride

    Item:80      CAS:618-46-2      Formula:

    Benzyl trichloride

    Item:81      CAS:35983      Formula:

    P-fluorobenzyl chloride

    Item:82      CAS:345-35-7      Formula:


    Item:83      CAS:488-98-2      Formula:

    M-trichlorobenzyl chloride

    Item:84      CAS:      Formula: