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SunSirs: Lithium Hydroxide Market Continued to Rise (May 15-18)


According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of May 18th, the average price of industrial grade lithium hydroxide enterprises in China was 305,000.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 15.64% compared to Monday's price.

  Analysis review

  This week, the domestic industrial grade lithium hydroxide market continued its upward trend. Recently, the upstream lithium carbonate price continued to rise, driving the atmosphere of the lithium hydroxide market. The mentality of the industry to support prices increased, and the prices of enterprises increased. Downstream demand had slightly increased, and the spot market transactions were mainly on demand. The focus of negotiations in the lithium hydroxide market had increased.

  As for upstream lithium carbonate, according to the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the market price of lithium carbonate rose recently. On May 17, the reference price of lithium carbonate industrial grade was 247,000.00 RMB/ton, 41.95% higher than that on May 1 (174,000.00 RMB/ton); On May 17th, the reference price for lithium carbonate battery grade was 269,000.00 RMB/ton, an increase of 34.5% compared to May 1st (200,000.00 RMB/ton).

  Market outlook

  SunSirs Lithium Hydroxide Analysts believe that as of the 18th, cost support was strong, downstream demand was stable, and the market was bullish. It is expected that in the short term, the domestic lithium hydroxide market may remain strong, and more attention needs to be paid to market news guidance.