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SunSirs: The Melamine Market Was Mainly Stable (December 18-22)


Price trend

  The melamine market had remained stable this week. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of December 22, the average price of melamine enterprises was 7,250.00 RMB/ton, which was unchanged from Monday's price.

  Analysis review

  Cost side: According to the analysis system chart of the commodity market of SunSirs, the reference price of urea on December 21 was 2,558.33 RMB/ton, a decrease of 1.67% compared to December 1 (2,601.67 RMB/ton). Recently, the market price of raw material urea had slightly declined, and the cost side hade general support for the melamine market.

  Supply and demand side: Some enterprises on the supply side had shut down their facilities, resulting in a reduction in overall market supply compared to the previous period. Downstream hoarding was concentrated towards the end of the year, and enterprises had sufficient orders to be issued. Market trading was orderly, and the melamine market was operating steadily with a strong bias towards stability.

  Market outlook

  Melamine analysts from SunSirs believe that as of the 22nd, the cost impact of melamine was limited, the market supply was tight, enterprises were orderly shipping early orders, and the market atmosphere was still good. It is expected that the melamine market will be stable and stronger in the short term, and more attention should be paid to market news guidance.