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Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd.
Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd.
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  • Country:  China
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  • Tel:  0393-8869858
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    About Us
           Puyang Jiteng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of top quality hydrocarbon resins in China . We manufacture C5 hydrocarbon resin, C5 hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin, DCPD hydrocarbon resin, DCPD hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin, C9 hydrocarbon resin,C9

    C5 petroleum resin

    Item:54-11      CAS:      Formula:

    C5 petroleum resin for road marking paint

    Item:54-12      CAS:      Formula:

    C9 petroleum resin

    Item:54-13      CAS:      Formula:

    C5C9 copolymerized petroleum resin

    Item:54-14      CAS:      Formula:

    DCPD petroleum resin

    Item:54-15      CAS:      Formula:

    Coumarone Petroleum Resin

    Item:54-16      CAS:      Formula:

    DCPD Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin

    Item:54-17      CAS:      Formula:

    C5 Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin

    Item:54-18      CAS:      Formula:

    C9 Hydrogenated Petroleum Resin

    Item:54-19      CAS:      Formula: