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Arasan Chemicals Private Limited
Arasan Chemicals Private Limited
Arasan Chemicals Private Limited
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  • Company Type:  MPR
  • Country:  India
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  • Mobile:  +91 (98) 2001-1049
  • Tel:  +91 (98) 2001-1049
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           Arasan Chemicals Private Limited is a chemistry company located in the city of Mumbai, India and engaged in the business of offering custom made chemical products and allied services. Our laboratories are located at MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation), Dombivli...


    Item:1      CAS:55-51-6      Formula:

    Homophthalic acid

    Item:2      CAS:89-51-0      Formula:

    Bis(2-chloroethyl)aminophosphoric dichloride

    Item:4      CAS:127-88-8      Formula:


    Item:5      CAS:2041-56-7      Formula:


    Item:6      CAS:2239-31-8      Formula:


    Item:7      CAS:3516-95-8      Formula:

    4'-Amino-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid

    Item:8      CAS:5730-78-9      Formula:

    Ethyl 2-formyl-4,5-dimethylpyrrole-3-carboxylate

    Item:9      CAS:10591-23-8      Formula:

    3-Hydroxytetrahydrothiophene 1,1-dioxide

    Item:10      CAS:13031-76-0      Formula: