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SunSirs: The Price of Ammonium Chloride Fell Weakly


On March 27, the benchmark price of ammonium chloride in Sunsirs was 1167.50 RMB/ton, which was -3.11% lower than that at the beginning of this month (1205.00 RMB/ton).

  This week (3.20~3.27) the ammonium chloride market fell weakly. According to SunSirs data monitoring, as of March 27, the market price of agricultural ammonium chloride dry ammonium in East China was 1165 RMB / ton, compared with 1202 RMB last Monday / ton fell by 3.12%. The recent chemical fertilizer market has been slightly sluggish, and demand has weakened in the face of ammonium chloride support; in addition, ammonium chloride companies have fewer orders to be issued, the industry has started to increase, and the supply of ammonium chloride has increased compared with the previous period; the price of ammonium chloride has fallen, and as of 3 On March 27, the mainstream ex-factory price of dry ammonium chloride for agricultural use in East China was 1,150-1,220 RMB/ton; the mainstream market price was 1,130-1,180 RMB/ton.