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Shanghai Rich Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Rich Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Rich Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  •  Gold Enterprises
  • Company Type:  Production
  • Country:  China
  • Contact:  Mr. Tong
  • Mobile:  +86 13761148312
  • Tel:  +86 21-20255798
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           Founded in 1995, Shanghai Rich Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a privately held chemical industry group company. With a strong focus on the development of high purity, high performance products and services for our high technology customers, demand has dictated expansion of our services,

    Calcium bromide 52%

    Item:1      CAS:7789-41-5      Formula:

    Calcium Chloride

    Item:2      CAS:10043-52-4      Formula:

    Calcium lignosulfonate

    Item:3      CAS:8061-52-7      Formula:

    Carboxy Methylcellulose Sodium(CMC)

    Item:4      CAS:9004-32-4      Formula:

    Diisopropanolamine 90

    Item:5      CAS:110-97-4      Formula:

    Formic acid

    Item:6      CAS:64-18-6      Formula:

    Hydroxyethyl Cellulose(HEC)

    Item:7      CAS:9004-62-0      Formula:

    KD-51 emulsion paraffin

    Item:8      CAS:N/A      Formula:

    Poly(acrylamide), PAM

    Item:9      CAS:2594446      Formula: