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Langfang GreatAp Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Langfang GreatAp Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Langfang GreatAp Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  •  Gold Enterprises
  • Company Type:  Production
  • Country:  China
  • Contact:  Ms. Brany Dw
  • Mobile:  +86 18630626679
  • Tel:  +86-316-2098955
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    About Us
           GreatAp Chemicals Co. is one of Chinese chemical manufacturer devoted to kinds of fine & special chemicals with R & D, Production and International trade from 1992. We could produce the chemicals as followings: Water treatment Chemicals, Pharmaceutical & Dye interme...

    Polyquats.- GreatAp126

    Item:1      CAS:31512-74-0;31075-24-8      Formula:

    Polyquats.- GreatAp128

    Item:2      CAS:25988-97-0 39660-17-8      Formula:

    Polyquats.- GreatAp121

    Item:3      CAS:N/A      Formula:

    Isothiazoline-one( Kathon, MIT/CMIT )

    Item:5      CAS:55965-84-9      Formula:

    Tetrakis Hydroxymethyl Phosphonium Sulphate( THPS )

    Item:6      CAS:55566-30-8      Formula:

    Polymaleic Acid ( Becelene 200, HPMA, PMA )

    Item:7      CAS:26099-09-2      Formula:

    Maleic Acid-Acrylalcohol copolymer( MA/AA )

    Item:8      CAS:26677-99-6      Formula:

    2-phosphonobutane-1,2,4-Tricarboxylic Acid( PBTC )

    Item:9      CAS:37971-36-1      Formula:

    Diethylene Triamine Pentamethylene Phosphonic Acid(DETAPMP, DETPMPA, EDTPMP)

    Item:10      CAS:15827-60-8      Formula: