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Alamanda Polymers, Inc.
Alamanda Polymers, Inc.
Alamanda Polymers, Inc.
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  • Country:  USA
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    About Us
           Alamanda Polymers was formed in 2007 to satisfy a previously unmet need in the marketplace. With more than 15 years experience in the synthesis of polyamino acids, our scientists have developed a polymerization process that enables complete control over the molecular weight of th...

    Poly-L-aspartic acid

    Item:1      CAS:25608-40-6      Formula:

    N'-Benzyloxycarbonyl-L-lysine homopolymer

    Item:2      CAS:25931-47-9      Formula:

    L-Lysine homopolymer hydrobromide

    Item:3      CAS:25988-63-0      Formula:

    L-Lysine hydrochloride homopolymer

    Item:4      CAS:26124-78-7      Formula:

    L-Glutamic acid homopolymer sodium salt

    Item:5      CAS:26247-79-0      Formula:

    L-Arginine homopolymer hydrochloride

    Item:6      CAS:26982-20-7      Formula:

    L-Ornithine homopolymer hydrobromide

    Item:7      CAS:27378-49-0      Formula:

    D-Lysine homopolymer hydrobromide

    Item:8      CAS:27964-99-4      Formula:

    D-Glutamic acid homopolymer sodium salt

    Item:9      CAS:30811-79-1      Formula: