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Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd
Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd
Naturalin Bio-Resources Co., Ltd
  •  Gold Enterprises
  • Company Type:  Production
  • Country:  China
  • Contact:  Olina Zeng
  • Mobile:  +86 18573195668
  • Tel:  +86 (731) 84430651
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    About Us
           Naturalin was founded in 2006. We manufacture plant extracts and natural ingredients for the nutrition, food and beverage, personal care, hygiene, animal feed and agriculture industries. We are committed to providing the best services and products all the way from raw materials, ...

    Rosemary extract 5% rosmarinic acid

    Item:NAT.185      CAS:20283-92-5      Formula:C18H16O8

    Rosemary extract 10% carnosic acid oil

    Item:NAT.185      CAS:3650-09-7      Formula:C20H28O4

    Rosemary extract 50% ursolic acid

    Item:NAT.185      CAS:77-52-1      Formula:C30H48O3

    Ivy Leaf Extract 10% hederacoside C

    Item:NAT.051      CAS:14216-03-6      Formula:C59H96O26

    Echinacea Extract 4% polyphenols, 2% chicoric acid

    Item:NAT.086      CAS:70831-56-0      Formula:C22H18O12

    Ginseng Extract

    Item:NAT.114      CAS:90045-38-8      Formula:C15H24N2O

    Eucommiad extract 5%-98% chlorogenic Acid

    Item:NAT.092      CAS:327-97-9      Formula:C16H18O9

    Green tea extract (tea polyphenol)

    Item:NAT.120      CAS:84650-60-2      Formula:C17H19N3O

    Ginkgo Biloba Extract

    Item:NAT.113      CAS:90045-36-6      Formula:C8H9NO4S