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Summit Trade Pte Ltd
Summit Trade Pte Ltd
Summit Trade Pte Ltd
  •  Gold Enterprises
  • Company Type:  Production
  • Country:  China
  • Contact:  Kenneth Lin
  • Mobile:  +86 13607740408
  • Tel:  +86 774 2023678
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    About Us
           Summit Trade Pte Ltd devotes to introduce the local dominant resources to overseas customers. We focus on full range of Pine Chemicals products including Summit™ Rosins, Resins, Turpentine, Terpenes derivates and relative Tackifiers. With an annual 10,000mt capacity and ISO9001:2...

    Gum Rosin

    Item:ROS1100T      CAS:8050-09-7      Formula:C19H29COOH

    Hydrogenated Rosin

    Item:ROS1200T      CAS:65997-06-0      Formula:C19H31COOH

    Disproportionated Rosin

    Item:ROS1300T      CAS:8052-10-6      Formula:C19H27COOH

    Polymerized Rosin

    Item:ROS1400T      CAS:65997-05-9      Formula:C40H60O4

    Maleated Rosin

    Item:ROS1500T      CAS:8050-28-0      Formula:C24H32O5

    Disproportionated Rosinate

    Item:ROS1600T      CAS:68648-58-8      Formula:C19H29-COOK

    Esterified Rosin

    Item:ROS1700T      CAS:8050-31-5      Formula:


    Item:ROS2000T      CAS:9010-59-7      Formula:C19H29-COONa

    Glycerol Rosin Ester

    Item:REZ3100T      CAS:8050-31-5      Formula:(C19H29COO)3C3H5