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Xiangyang King Success Chemical Co.,Ltd
Xiangyang King Success Chemical Co.,Ltd
Xiangyang King Success Chemical Co.,Ltd
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  • Country:  China
  • Contact:  Mr. Zhang
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    About Us
           Xiangyang King Success Chemical Co.,Ltd was founded in March, 2010, and located in Yujiahu Chemical Industrail Park, Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, China (Xiangyang Biomedical Fine Chemical Industrial Park). The plant covers an area of more

    Semicarbazide Hydrochloride

    Item:1      CAS:155633-54-8       Formula:

    2-Diethylaminoethyl chloride Hydrochloride

    Item:2      CAS:869-24-9      Formula:

    Hydrobromic acid

    Item:3      CAS:10035-10-6      Formula:


    Item:4      CAS:80058-93-1      Formula:


    Item:5      CAS:135252-10-7      Formula:

    Drometrizde trisiloxane

    Item:6      CAS:155633-54-8      Formula:

    2-hydroxy-α,α,4-trimethylcycloh exanemethanol

    Item:7      CAS:42822-86-6      Formula:

    Terephthalylidene dicamphor sulfonie acid

    Item:8      CAS:90457-82-8      Formula:


    Item:9      CAS:18979-61-8      Formula: