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Huajie Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Huajie Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Huajie Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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           With the rapid development of textile products and costume industry, the textile industry is now becoming specialized and market-oriented within product design. Holding a healthy business philosophy and with excellent R&D technology, Sino Surfactant is taking concrete measure

    Cationic surfactant

    Item:1      CAS:      Formula:

    Nonionic surfactant

    Item:2      CAS:      Formula:

    Raw chemicals for printing and dyeing auxiliaries

    Item:3      CAS:      Formula:

    Surfactant for daily chemicals

    Item:4      CAS:      Formula:

    Agricultural additives

    Item:5      CAS:      Formula:

    Additives for plastics and rubber

    Item:6      CAS:      Formula:

    Additives for civil engineering

    Item:7      CAS:      Formula:

    Chemicals for the electronics industry

    Item:8      CAS:      Formula:

    Glass substrate industry

    Item:9      CAS:      Formula: