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C/D/N Isotopes Inc.
C/D/N Isotopes Inc.
C/D/N Isotopes Inc.
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    About Us
           Since 1993, C/D/N Isotopes has been a leading manufacturer of deuterium stable labeled compounds, providing our customers with superior quality and exceptional service. Researchers in all branches of science and medicine, from around the world, depend on us as the company for deu...


    Item:1      CAS:1217860-13-3      Formula: C22H24D3ClN2O4S


    Item:3      CAS:135441-89-3      Formula: C11H17D3O


    Item:4      CAS:1903007-82-8      Formula: C10H13D3


    Item:5      CAS:N/A      Formula: C17H20D3NO3


    Item:6      CAS:1263184-13-9      Formula: C21H23D6NO2


    Item:7      CAS:2376035-98-0      Formula: C21H22D6O2


    Item:8      CAS:23088-42-8      Formula: C6H5CH(Br)CD3


    Item:9      CAS:N/A      Formula:ClCH2CH(OH)CH


    Item:10      CAS:1185057-55-9      Formula: C35H62D5ClO4