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Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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  • Country:  China
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    About Us
           Hunan Yuxin Pharmaceutical Co., ltd, found in 2002, is a big pharmaceutical Company specializes in Steroid and Hormone API and Intermediates. With many years hard working, Many products got Certificates like GMP, DMF No. and WC(Written Confirmation) etc. It is one of important pl...

    Mometasone Furoate(DMF)

    Item:1      CAS:83919-23-7      Formula:


    Item:4      CAS:2135-17-3      Formula:

    Betamethasone Dipropionate

    Item:8      CAS:5593-20-4      Formula:

    Betamethasone Valerate

    Item:10      CAS:2152-44-5      Formula:

    Beclomethasone Dipropionate

    Item:12      CAS:1327543      Formula:

    Cyproterone Acetate

    Item:16      CAS:427-51-0      Formula:

    Clobetasol Propionate

    Item:18      CAS:25122-46-7      Formula:


    Item:20      CAS:14484-47-0      Formula:

    Desonide(DMF )

    Item:22      CAS:638-94-8      Formula: