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Wuxi Aibid Pump Industry Co., Ltd
ABD Pumps was founded in 2003. Is a professional commitment to high quality centrifugal pump and system design, production and sales of national high-tech enterprises. The manufacturing facility in mainland China is located at 16 Hongfu Road, National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. It is adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and only 5 kilometers away from Suofang International Airport, with convenient transportation. "ABD" brand is derived from the United States pump industry famous brand. The whole series of products adopt advanced hydraulic model and CFD aided design to ensure that the efficiency and overall performance of the pump meet the design requirements. Wuxi Aibid Pump Co., Ltd. has established a complete set of perfect R & D and manufacturing operation mechanism to ensure the quality of products. R & D technical personnel are with rich pump product development and manufacturing experience of professionals. Complete production process, tooling, advanced production equipment, high precision open and closed test bench to ensure that the pump performance to meet the design performance and customer requirements. The fast and timely professional after-sales service team also lets the user have no worries at home. "ABD" brand centrifugal pumps are mainly used in industrial painting, water treatment, municipal, chemical industry, HVAC, electronics, biopharmaceutical, wine and beverage, paper and other industries, users all over the world. The main products of "ABD" brand are: The serial number Pump structure Specification Model Code traffic lift Stress levels M after/h m bar 1 End suction single stage single suction centrifugal pump BS&SBS (E/H/U/T) 2-1800. 5-240. 16 (25/40/63/100) 2 Vertical pipeline pump VP&SVP 2-1800. 5-240. 16/25/40 3 Horizontal direct connection pump BC&SBC 2-1800. 5-240. 16/25 4 Submerged pump BY&SBY 2-1800. 5-240. 16/25 5 Vertical multistage centrifugal pump MPV 5-600. 80-550. 63 6 Radial suction horizontal multistage centrifugal pump MPH 5-600. 80-1050. 100 7 Axial suction horizontal multistage centrifugal pump MPE 5-600. 80-550. 63 8 Horizontal middle opening pump (standing) HDS (V) 80-9500. 8-200. 16/25 9 Vertical ram pump LP (H) 0.5-200. 480 25 (48) 10 Non-blocking self-priming pump (standing) SP 2-1800. 5-50 10 The design engineers at ABD PUMPS have put all their efforts into the perfect combination of technical design and aesthetic perception, giving a new meaning to "ABD" PUMPS. Each "ABD" pump is a soulful artifact that displays extraordinary quality and appearance. Exquisite craftsmanship and perfect detail make each ABD pump look even more pleasing to the eye. Efficient hydraulic model and precision casting process are combined to create the impeller, the heart of "ABD" brand centrifugal pump Smooth and delicate flow channel, relatively higher design pressure level so that the pump body wear-resistant corrosion allowance of more than 3mm. The number on the supporting foot of the pump body is the furnace number of the casting, which can be traced to the source and ensure that the material of the pump body meets the requirements.

Registered Capital:  5,0000000(CNY)

Registered Address:  No.16, Hongfu Road, Hongshan Street, New District, Wuxi City

Company Type:  Production

Business Scope:  Production, sales and service of pumps, valves, pipe fittings, water supply equipment, HVAC equipment and accessories; Sales of metal materials, general merchandise, chemical raw materials, Wujiaodian; It is self-supporting and acting as an agent for the import and export of all kinds of commodities and technologies (except the commodities and technologies restricted by the state or prohibited from import and export). (For projects subject to approval according to law, business activities can on

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Company Name Wuxi Aibid Pump Industry Co., Ltd Country China Employees Number
Registered Capital 5,0000000(CNY) Annual Turnover Ability of foreign trade Yes
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Company Address No.16, Hongfu Road, Hongshan Street, New District, Wuxi City Company Phone 0510-85599898 Company Website
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