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SunSirs: Cost Was High, Demand Was General, Carbon Black Continued to Be High on the 18th


According to the data monitored by SunSirs, the domestic carbon black price was 10,375 RMB/ton on May 18.

  Analysis review

  On the cost side, the domestic high-temperature coal tar market is at a high level, and the domestic carbon black market’s upstream cost continues to be high. On the demand side, the downstream domestic demand performance is average. Although the tire industry gradually recovered in May, there is still a gap compared with the normal situation, and the overall start-up load of the industry is low. The comprehensive cost of carbon black enterprises continues to rise, and the price has generally increased recently.

  Market outlook

  Under the current high cost of domestic carbon black, the current carbon black is running at a high level, and the future trend depends on downstream demand.