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SunSirs: Contradiction between Supply and Demand, China EVA Market Weakened in November


In November, the domestic EVA market trend was weak and the price fell. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex factory price of domestic EVA was 18,733.33 RMB/ ton on November 1 and 17,233.33 RMB/ ton on November 30, with an increase or decrease of -8.01% and -20.46% compared with the same period last year.

In November, the domestic EVA market accepted the weak market in the early stage. On the supply side, the ex factory price of petrochemical enterprises fell, and the construction started in the middle of the month increased, with the overall load above 60%. In the month, the supply of goods was abundant, the total inventory position rose, and the market competition was fierce, dragging down the factory price; In terms of demand, the demand for photovoltaic and foaming materials has not improved, and the consumption is not good. The downstream multi-dimensional companies maintain their production with rigid procurement, and the market trading atmosphere is light. The sharp drop in auction supply in the first half of the month has brought significant pressure on the market, affecting the current pessimistic mentality of businessmen. The traders on the market have a negative attitude. The offer continues to fall with the petrochemical plant. There is a large space for real order negotiation, and the operation is dominated by giving up profits and taking orders.

To sum up, the EVA market demand in November was weak, the downstream was cautious, the just needed replenishment lagged behind, and the market trading atmosphere was cold. The industrial load rebounded in shock, and the market supply pressure increased rather than decreased. It is expected that China domestic EVA market will continue to operate in a weak position in the short term.